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Author:  Hillel
E-mail:  hillel.yisraeli@gmail.com
Date:  6/27/2012 5:21:00 PM
Subject:  Oolong tea
Message:  Question: is oolong tea kosher? Or is it problematic because insects are involved in its production?

from teavivre.com/oriental-beauty-oolong-tea/ :

This tea is special because it needs the bite of small green insect / leaf hoppers for its natural sweet aroma or honey aroma. The small green insect called leaf hoppers or tea jassid prefer to bite young leaves (buds). The leaf than reacts to defend and recover from the bite. This causes a partial oxidation and the very specific high pitched Oriental Beauty fragrance. So, organic leaves should also be more appetizing for tea insect / leaf hoppers.
Reply:  not a problem

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