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Author:  Mark
E-mail:  markjd1@gmail.com
Date:  6/10/2012 10:09:00 AM
Subject:  fish at non-kosher restaurant
Message:  Hi,

What is the proper way to instruct a waiter at a non-kosher restaurant to prepare kosher fish so I can eat it?
Reply:  the ideal process is to go into the kitchen and turn the fire on yourself. If it is a grill and it is relatively clean, in a few minutes it is Kashered and let them put the fish on themselves. Make sure they tell you all the ingredients they will use. If it is a pot on the stove, if you put the pot on a reasonably high fire empty, in a few minutes anything is burnt off. That's called Libun. By you putting the fire on, you're avoiding Bishul Akum, which works in a Restaurant even for Sephardim. You don't need to stand there and watch it. Unless there's a chance they will switch it on you to something non-kosher. That won't happen in any decent restaurant.

The kosher restaurants I can't be as confident about. Don't forget that the Mashgiach often is doing this job because he couldn't get a job at the Lakewood Cheder. I'll leave the rest to your imagination....lol

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