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Author:  Liz Burnstein
E-mail:  burns2031@yahoo.com
Date:  5/31/2012 10:41:00 PM
Subject:  ingredients not on the label
Message:  Hi, I've seen on your forum that all ingredients are listed on the package, and that there's no such thing as undeclared ingredients. A news article leads me to question that assertion. Tropicana places 'flavor packs' into its juices which lose their flavor after being stored for up to a year! These flavor packs are not listed on the label, and definitely seem to be adding a desirable flavor to the juice. Can we still rely on the assumption that if it's in there, it must be listed?
California Woman Sues OJ Giant Tropicana Over Flavor Packs
Reply:  There are no ingredients allowed on a product that are not listed. Those flavor packs that you're refering to are made from the oranges themselves. If they were from outside ingredients, they'd have to pull the products off the shelves. Is it possible that one day someone might put a product out with ingredients that are not listed? Yes! Actually there's a higher probability that someone will put an unsupervised ingredient in a kosher supervised product. Don't forget, the supervising rabbi isn't at the plant more than a few times a year in most cases, and certainly doesn't have the power of the FDA and the Press. But from a Halachic perspective, we are not required to eat only foods with a zero probability. There are specific requirements. And ingredients listed on a product is enough indication and assurance acceptable by Jewish Law.

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