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Date:  5/25/2012 11:49:00 AM
Subject:  complicated kitniyot question!
Message:  I would be curious as to your opinion on something I have been looking into. First, an admission that this whole journey coincided with my realization, though I've taken no action, that not eating kitniyot on pesach doesn't seem to make modern sense. Not eating kosher-for-passover noodles seems much more like the modern equivalent of what that rabbis were getting at with the "kitniyot" restriction.

Five years ago I discovered a family history written by my paternal great-grandfather who was not observant and whose paternal grandfather was a non-ordained "reverend" in Hungary. In that history he relates that there is a family tradition that our paternal line were "western" and used sephardi nusach and thus he believes our people came up to eastern europe during the time of the inquisition. At first I thought maybe he is confusing sephardi with nusach sephard but he is quite clear that my great-great-great grandfather was chassidic...any was actually an opponent.

Second data point--I had my DNA tested for genealogical reasons and found out that my haplotype is twice as common in people of sephardi heritage than of ashkenazi.

So....long way of asking your opinion of whether there is any grounds for me to renounce the ashkenazi kitniyot customs that may have only been adopted in the family in the last several generations due to being the customs of the more observant maternal line that married into the family in Hungary? Especially since my paternal ancestors may well have lived in sephardic communities at the time the kitniyot restrictions were enacted?

Maybe there is no easy answer?

Reply:  I know several people with a similar story. Maybe that's how we got Nusach Sephard. Lol.
You certainly have enough info to follow Sephardic traditions. You might want to make Hatarat Nedarim, although it would seem that it is not necessary. But it would be a good idea.

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