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Author:  Andrew
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Date:  5/23/2012 6:11:00 PM
Subject:  Shatnez
Message:  I got a new suit from a company that, so I hear, is known for having shatnez in the collar. I brought the suit to my tailor (not Jewish) and asked him if he could remove the linen. He looked at the collar, felt around (didn't open it) and said that it didn't have linen in it.
I don't live in Brooklyn so its not like its around the corner to find someone Jewish who will check it or fix it. Can I trust the non-Jewish tailor that he knows what he's looking for or should I go to a full lab?
Thanks for the answer!
Reply:  Don't listen to the rumors. There is no need to check for Shaatnez on any article of clothing unless you're sure there's shaatnez in there.

For all those who need to know....
Shaatnez according to some Rishonim requires "Shua, Tavi, and Nuz all together." We don't have that today. So according to those Rishonim, today's Shaatnez is only derabanan. When you bring a suit home, you only have a safek Derabanan that is not "efsher levrury bekal." Or you can see it as a Sefek sefeka on a de'oraita. Same difference.
The current so-called Shaatnez awareness was not initiated by Talmidei Chachamim. May sound radical. Probably because it is.

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