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Author:  Jeff Duitch
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Date:  5/6/2012 12:00:00 PM
Subject:  Follow-up on cheese
Message:  1. A while back, I asked about what kinds of cheese would or would not be subject to the requirement of Gevinat Yisrael. This morning, I saw that you told "Giovanna" that feta cheese was not subject to the issur of Gevinat Akum. I had no idea that feta cheese was considered a soft cheese and that it didn't require a frum Jew to be involved in the cheesemaking process.

Are there any other kinds of soft cheese besides feta, cottage cheese, ricotta, or cream cheese that are not subject to the issur of Gevinat Akum; and thus only require the ingredients to be kosher?

Take care and shavua tov to everyone.
Reply:  All of the above are not subject to Gevinat Aku"m.

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