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Author:  Anon
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Date:  5/1/2012 10:27:00 PM
Subject:  Citifield Rally on Technology
Message:  I understand that there is a huge rally scheduled to confront problems from technology. I think they mean porn, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned. I was curious as to your take on this.
Thanks for all you do.
Reply:  This Citifield event hosted by Orthodox Jewish Leaders seems to be coming from a good place. They see a problem and they want to help.  I personally believe it is meaningless, and here is my argument. If an Alcohol Rehab created large rallies against alcohol, how successful would they be? Adults cannot be helped with rallies. Please be real here. Kids don't need rallies either. Ask any kid. All they want is to be treated with respect, allowed to breathe, and a little bit of love. I grew up in Orthodox Judaism, so i know the deal. Make a rally about those things and you will solve the other problems. Why is it that the more religious people are, the less love they give, and they will barely allow their children free will? Can you really stop someone's free will?!  Have fun at the rally!

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