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Author:  Jim L
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Date:  12/3/2003 11:02:00 AM
Subject:  Writing one's own Silkscreen Sefer Torah
Message:  My own limited understanding of the mitzvah is that each person is commanded to write his own Sefer Torah but that since this is not practical, the custom of buying one's own Sefer Torah and completing it, has been introduced as an acceptable (albeit less desirable) alternative. And furthermore, that because of the prohibitive costs involved, even this is seldom observed.

I understand how the lower cost and quicker time frame of producing a silk screen Sefer Torah will result in more people fulfilling the mitzvah by purchasing their own Sefer Torah.

I have a couple of questions, though. The writing of the Sefer Torah is not simple. And I assume that you have opinions regarding the additional complexity which interferes with the fulfillment of the mitzvah.

Would you agree, though, that at a minimum, by focusing on the individual letters and words being written, the person who writes his own Sefer Torah is connected to the text in a meaningful way?

If so, in what ways can the person who puchases a silkscreen Sefer Torah participate in the "writing" of his Torah which would reproduce this profound connection to the text?


Reply:  We plan to get to that. Right now, it will be hard to do, but we will make that possible. As we progress with the technology.

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