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Author:  Dov Freundlich
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Date:  1/19/2012 11:04:00 PM
Subject:  Daniel
Message:  I know Daniel, and I can vouch for him that he's not a creep. He was asking his question in all innocence.
Reply:  I'm sure he isn't a creep...
Let's not get too caught up in this.
People get a bit upset when a person posts a question that seems to assume that the mainstream religious culture is right until proven wrong, and even after proven wrong, usually they're assumed to be right anyway. I'm sure no one meant anything against Daniel personally.

The interesting thing is the hypocrisy of the whole concept. Think about it a minute. If we are to say that "mainstream is right," then our little group of under a million right-wing Orthodox Jews is certainly not mainstream. It is far less than one percent of the world. But then if we go by proven fact and actual written information, then why should being mainstream have any benefit over here. This might be a heavy concept for many to swallow, and will certainly take some stepping out of the situation and open-mindedness.

We love the Daniels of our world and have no beef with him. Calling him a creep was the poster's way of letting out frustration and was only meant in a general way. No one thinks Daniel is a creep. It is real simple. He doesn't get our message yet. He's somewhat stuck in the concept that if "they" do something, it must be right. And we wonder why is that?!

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