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Author:  Stan
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Date:  12/2/2003 5:25:00 PM
Subject:  STAM
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

Traditionally, sefarim and mezuzot have been made by hand for 3000 years. How can it be that 90 percent of the items produced by this procedure are invalid, and that silk screen is the only answer? Did our baalei mesorah use pasul sifrei torah?
Reply:  The silkscreen is done by hand only, by a very qualified and learned Sofer (scribe), who is a God-fearing Jew.
It's hard for a Sofer to spend a whole year writing a Sefer Torah, pay $6,000 for the parchment, and sell it for $30,000. That's $24,000, and a very hard and tedious job. And not every year is there a customer. Some are God-fearing and do it right. Many take the shortcuts. It's almost impossible to write a whole Sefer and not find any mistakes, even for the best ones. Additionally, since they are so expensive, people don't retire them as soon as they should.
The last thing you said is not from logic, but rather emotions, so I'll ignore it.

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