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Author:  Joseph
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Date:  10/23/2011 10:53:00 PM
Subject:  miscellaneous on kashrut
Message:  First, I wanted to wish you all a hazak u-barukh on a wonderful website, and for your fearless efforts to stand up for the halakhah as you see it against all sorts of outside pressure that is often based on myth rather than real halakhic analysis.

     I had two questions: 1) You ruled that there is no need to check whether a store was selling hametz before the end of Pesah because the case is one of safek de-rabbanan le-hakel. But isn't the safek a "sefek shotim," since we can check if the store was selling hametz on Pesah? 2) You had likewise ruled that glass-glazed china does not need to be kashered. A friend of mine who is also a rabbi, when told of this, replied that he agrees in theory, but that in practice, cracks can easily form in the glass unbeknownst to the owners. How would you respond?

Thanks again, and kol ha-kavod.
Reply:  Thank you!
1) I don't recall which post you are responding to. If you know the owner is Jewish, you are correct. Just check if he sells Hametz on Pesah. We were saying a safek of the ownership.
2) I don't believe that has been the case for the the last 50+ years since they perfected the glazing process. However, even then, if a crack happens, it is obviously very small or the item would break. In such a case, we are someich on 'Tashmisho beshefa'. Which basically means the item is normally used for an amount of food that will also be 60 times the amount of unkosher/meat/dairy that got on or into the item. Therefore it is muttar.

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