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Author:  MRR
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Date:  8/18/2011 8:10:00 PM
Subject:  Told I must use sink liners and racks?
Message:  A friend has told me that dishes and food should never touch the bottom of the sink because the bottom is treif. I don't understand this--why do we kasher sinks with cleaning and boiling water if the sink is still considered treif? How can rinsing vegetables or fruits in cold water in the sink treif the food? Are liners and racks really necessary? I've always thought liners and racks were a haven for bacteria, whereas my sink is being scrubbed with hot water and soap and sprayed with vinegar daily. But if you tell me I need to use them, I will.
Reply:  You don't need to use them. AND you are correct. They are a haven for bacteria. Your sink is kosher, unless it becomes unkosher, which pretty hard to do.

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