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Author:  Allan
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Date:  8/14/2011 9:40:00 AM
Subject:  food cooked in dairy pot
Message:  Rabbi Abadi,

In reference to your reply (see below), it is uncertain when the knife was last used, but most likely more than 24 hours, and even more likely that any use cutting actual dairy items was more than 24 hours. Thank you for your help.

Subject:      food cooked in dairy pot
Message:      I cooked a tomato relish in a dairy pot. The pot was not used in the previous 24 hours. One of the ingredients was jalapeno peppers, which were also chopped up with a dairy knife. The amount of jalapeno in the dish is less than 10%. Is one allowed to eat this with meat? Thank you for your help.
Reply:      Was the knife used in last 24 hours

Reply:  A sphardi can, but an Ashkenazi can't

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