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Author:  Simon
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Date:  6/27/2011 12:12:00 PM
Subject:  Bishul Akum/Pat Akum -- More questions
Message:  Dear Rav Abadi,

1. In your opinion would any of the following cooking methods be exempt from the bishul akum prohibitions: steaming, smoking, microwaving, salting, pickling, deep frying, broiling (electric oven). If some are and some aren't then would you be able to tell me which ones are and how they are different then the other methods (since none of these were conventional cooking methods of it's time.
2. Do knishes fall under pat akum?

Thank you,


Reply:  1. Bishul & Pat Akum are only for foods that were cooked, steamed, microwaved, deep frying, broiling or any fire related food preparation.
2. depends on whats inside

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