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Author:  Rafael Hasky
E-mail:  rafahasky@hotmail.com
Date:  6/16/2011 9:29:00 AM
Subject:  Libun Chamur - Again
Message:  I asked the rabbis who told me why it is forbidden to do libun in a baking tray in the oven itself. For what some rabbis told me about why you cannot kasherize a backing tray inside the oven for 1 hour in its maximum temperature:

1 - They say there is a machloket: a) Few say kebolo kach polto is a principle that you can apply to the temperature. b) Most would say that kebolo kach polto is only regarding to the way (liquid or dry) the "taste" goes in or out and it would tell how you kasherize it. But, regarding to temperature, you would be required to follow the Gemara and the SA that requires you to do libun until it turn red or sparks comes out.

2 - They say that a regular oven (that goes around 500F/300C) don´t have enough heat to be considered as libun chamur.

3 - They say that when dealing with people away from the Torah you could do, IN THE BEGINNING, only with kebolo kach polto principle but true bnei torah would be obligated to do as "opinion b)" because that´s how most rabanim consider as this is the pshat of the Shulchan Aruch.

4 - They say that if someone follows "opinion a)" you must not eat in this person´s home frequently. They say that eating in a place like this is bediavad and you cannot do this a frequent basis.

So, I ask you please to clarify in this matter because I really want/need to understand this and if there is any reasoning in their speech.

Thank You and please go on with your work
Reply:  1. As we always say on this website, a person should not shop around for different Rabbis for different Halachot. If a person follows my father's chumros, he can follow his kullos. Other Rabbanim are entitled to be machmir on their constituents.
2. Do an experiment and lets see if there is any food tastes after leaving in an oven for an hour on the highest degree. Libung chamur, with sparks flying, was used when they didnt have degrees on their ovens, so they never knew how hot the pot got when the few was cooking. Therefore, when sparks flew it was surely burned.
3. My father does not believe in 2 sets of rules, unless specifically staed in Halacha.
4. This statement is probably why Mashiach hasn't come yet.

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