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Author:  Tirzah
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Date:  6/13/2011 11:49:00 AM
Subject:  Kashrut - ingredients declaration
Message:  Hi

I see from previous responses that the Rav seems to hold that one can make one's own decisions if ingredients listed for a product are checked carefully.

In the past, although we've always kept a kosher kitchen, we have relied on checking ingredients with a very limited number products e.g. a vegetarian (liquid form but mass-produced) soup listing kosher ingredients is one. Nothing we've used has had a non-kosher ingredient listed.

We have opted to be stricter with ourselves now and check for hechsherim. However, given some of the responses I've read on the site, am I right to assume that we have not inadvertently made our kitchen plates etc. non-kosher by having in the past very occasionally relied on an ingredient listing and not a hechsher?

Thanks for your time.
Reply:  Not a problem.

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