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Author:  Simon
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Date:  6/5/2011 4:14:00 PM
Subject:  Take out food
Message:  Because just like packaged food it's no longer eaten on premises.

Dear Rabbi,

If a person would take take-out from a non-kosher restaurant but the foods ingredients were kosher would it be allowed, since the issue of bishul is no longer there?

Thank you,


Reply: I don't understand the question. Why is bishul not there.

Reply:  Oh, you're comparing to a packaged food made by a company that sold it to a grocery store. The issur of Bishul Akum, is because you are buying from the baker/chef and may come to intermarry. That is not the case with a company that you have no direct connection to. In your original case of a restaurant, you are buying from the baker/chef. The fact that he packaged the item doesn't take away the fact that you are dealing with the non-Jew.

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