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Author:  AS
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Date:  12/2/2003 2:35:00 AM
Subject:  Silkscreen 7
Message:  dear reb aaron l'y't'                                b'h

1) the statement that the sefer torahs at the kosel may be or are posul except for two is indeed disturbing.possibly they are using the kosher ones only.
2) the statement that the bmohv seforim are posul, indeed is very disturbing , considering that we make brochos weekly on them.some of these seforim I recognize as haven been brought recently into the shul.don’t they go thru the mishmeris stam computer and other checks to see that they are kosher; and if yes we should be using those seforim only for the sake of kashrus.
3) what I don’t understand, the black blotches referred in your letter are they on the front or back of the klaf.
obviously if they block the letters it would make the sefer posul. however, I find it hard to believe that was the case.
4) secondly, I don’t understand the statement that you made stating that mishmeris stam says' that 90 PERCENT of their seforim are posul".why are they saying this. what psul did they uncover in their operations to render so many seforim posul.
5) I am not passing any criticism on the silk screening process which I am not totally familiar with.that is another issue deserving its own discussion and psak.what disturbs me is 'brocos l'vatalus' which seems to surface as a result of 'many seforim ' being in a state of poslus.I hope it is not true and that we are making good brochos and yozer krius hatorah from valid and kosher seforim.


Reply:  1) That's in a newspaper article (Mishpachah Pg 17). They used them all.
2) & 3) I'm sorry, but maybe I was not clear enough. Willie Katz's Sefer and all the newer ones seem beautiful. I'm not a Sofer, I didn't check them, but I'm pretty sure they were thoroughly checked by human and computer. There is an old Sefer that was put out of commission a few years ago, that you would make Hagbah on & see big blotches. I don't know if this one is used still on Simchas Torah, but the ones we use each Shabbos are hopefully fine.
4) Here is one link. I downloaded it, so if they pull it, I have a copy.
I wish I could say it is not true. I grew up watching my father checking Tefillin, Mezuzot, and Sifrey Torah in the Frum Capital of the world, and an overwhelming majority were blatantly not Kosher.
5) Unfortunately it is a problem in every Shul & every Yeshiva. People cannot afford over $100,000 in Sifrey Torah, the minimum cost for three. They don't retire them when they are getting too old. Many of the Sofrim don't have a Kosher Ksav to begin with. There were STA"M coming in from Israel for 100 years, that were made by unscrupulous individuals, with all types of defects and worse. I can almost guarantee that if we went now to 100 Sifrey Torah from any Shuls or Yeshivot, there will be less than 20 Kosher. Don't forget that LeHalachah, even one Kutzo Shel Yud missing makes it Pasul. This is the only motivation to this silkscreen process. There is no ulterior motives whatsoever. 7-8 years of research, work, and money to hopefully give people a chance to have a less expensive, more accessible, and more Mehudar STA"M. The Mishneh in Yuma says about Ben Kamtzer, "Shem Reshaiim Yirkav," ("and the name of sinners should rot!") because he wouldn't share his expertise in being able to write four letters at a shot. This is a serious label, given because he could have benefited the people.

I can go on for hours.....
Alright, I'll leave you guys alone.

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