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Author:  Adam
E-mail:  apcohen@gmail.com
Date:  5/31/2011 12:37:00 PM
Subject:  Thank you for this website, and a question
Message:  I've sent in this question before but haven't heard a response. I follow this site on a regular basis and am very curious about the below.

First of all, I want to thank you for your work on this website. I'm learning a lot by reading through the questions and answers. I greatly appreciate the (sadly, unique) view that food items could be kosher even if they don't have the "sacred" hechsher by the OU, OK, the Vaad, or others. I am Ashkenazi and so I don't follow Rav Abadi's pesakim on most issues. But with respect to Kashrut, I feel (fear, perhaps) that much of the rabbinate has declared that many items are forbidden to eat when in fact they are permissible -- even for an Ashkenazi like me -- such as packaged food that does not have a hechsher but has no unkosher ingredients on the label. (Just today, in fact, a respected Kashrut organization released a 7-page list of over-the-counter medications, with many of them listed as "not recommended."

With that said, I'm almost afraid to ask these questions, because I find it so refreshing to see how many of the foods I've been taught were forbidden are actually acceptable to eat according to the opinions on this website. But I guess it's probably prudent to ask the following before I rely on Rav Abadi's holdings:

(1) Can Ashkenazim rely on the opinions in these pages, or can only Sephardim rely on them?

(2) Are there any categories of opinions that Ashkenazim should specifically NOT rely on?

(3) Should I rely on the opinions differently depending on whether the situation is Lechatchila or B'di Eved?

(4) Are there any other considerations that I should be aware of?

Thank you very much, and again, I greatly appreciate the public service you provide.
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