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Author:  Joseph
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Date:  5/31/2011 10:26:00 AM
Subject:  URGENT... Quick Shavuot Questions
Message:  Dear rabbis,

According to Rav Abadi's pesak . . .

1) can we start Shavuot (1st night) at Plag HaMincha? If not, what is the earliest possible time? I searched the website but I did not find a definitive answer. (We have a 3-month old and starting early seems to help ima on Shabbat.)

2) What is the earliest we can start the second night, i.e., setting the plates, kidush followed by the seudah?

3) If we're starting the 2nd night early, how can we heat up the food for the seudah without doing hachanah on the first day? We only have an electric hotplate with a timer. Can I put the food on the hotplate on the afternoon of the 1st day to have a small meal that same day, and simply leave the food on the plate so it's hot for the 2nd night seudah?

4) For next year, what is the earliest one can start 1st night seder?
Reply:  1) Yes, you can. Daven Mincha, then make Kiddush and eat the meal. Then, go back to daven, if possible, at the latest Maariv Minyan. Its much better to daven Maariv after Shkia, if possible. I’ve been doing it for 20+ years.

2) See #3

3) You can start the second night (say Kiddush) after Plag Haminha. However, you must make sure that anything you did for the meal on Yom Tov, starts getting eaten or used before Shkia.
Your Hotplate question is unclear. If you want to put a big pot on the hotplate and only plan to eat a little on the first day and eat the rest on the second night/day, that’s no problem. (However, if you were making believe you would eat it today and then you change your mind, that would be between you and Hashem.)

4) Shkia

Sorry, for the untimely answer.

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