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Author:  Kosher
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Date:  5/29/2011 1:39:00 AM
Subject:  Judging Kashrut
Message:  This site has been revolutionary in permitting products without formal kashrut certifications on the premise that no nonkosher ingrediants are present.
The above makes complete sense, but isn't there an issue of the products possibly being prepared in the factory with utensils that were previously used for nonkosher products? And I believe that "stam keilim einam benei yomam" is not applied with regard to factories that are in use for the majority of the day, every day.
If the above is correct, can you explain how one can judge the kashrut of an item based solely on its ingredients?
Thank You
Reply:  The Shulchan Aruch allows a large amount of lemon juice that was made from lemons that were cut by a dirty unkosher knife. The kelim, i'm sure you would agree, are less stringent.

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