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Author:  freddiethefox
E-mail:  fouadm@gmail.com
Date:  5/23/2011 6:56:00 PM
Subject:  halachot after gemara
Message:  Shalom Rabbi,
My question is regarding halachot that were instituted much later than halacha (for example the many that were brought down in the Zohar, Ari, that has made it into modern practical halacha.)

Much of these halachot were not practiced before, not mentioned even in the Gemara, let alone the Mishnah, but found their way into Shulkhan Aruch.

How is it, that we can talk about these "obligations" when they were introduced into Jewish way of life much much later than even the Gemara.
Reply:  It is a very good question and was dealt with a lot. There is a lot said about this.

In short, the Kabbalah was handed down through the generations, but was kept relatively secret. Ultimately the same carriers of our Mesorah for "Nigleh" were the carriers for "Nistar." We cannot split their message and take only the parts we want. The Mechaber of Shulchan Aruch and the Ram"a were both carriers of the Nistar & Nigleh.

I understand that you are dabbling in the questioning of the validity of Kabbalah. Please be very careful. Rav Shlomo Zalman Orbach A"H told me personally that we are required to be Merachek someone who does not believe in Kabbalah, just like we do an Apikores.

So I do simple math. If I spend my life accepting Kabbalah and I was wrong, nothing happens. if I don't and I'm wrong, oy vey!

That is a simplistic look at it, but I have 100% confidence in the accuracy of Kabbalah and hopefully I'll give a more lengthy response to this one day.


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