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Author:  Simon
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/19/2011 3:18:00 PM
Subject:  Checking ingredients
Message:  Dear Rav Abadi,

A lot of times I'm either traveling or in a store and dont have the opportunity to email you. However, after doing a lot of research on the site I've come to a certain conclusion. Mostly everything is okay to have except for items that explicitly state containing lard, animal shortning, and cheese. Since other ingredient like gelatin and glycerin have changed form and aren't edible. Would you say my stipulations are correct? Or is there something that Im not getting? Also, can I assume that if the ingredients dont explicitly say it has milk or meat that it is parve?

Thank you for all of your help,

Reply:  You are mostly correct, but there are items that you're missing.

Wine, vegetables with bugs, fishes, etc...

I believe you knew that. But I'd rather say that anything that you know all the ingredients of and they're fine, then the product is fine.

If you utilize the same googling techniques that use to look into health issues and medications, then you can certainly rely on that for this.


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