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Author:  Aaron Abadi
E-mail:  aabadi@kashrut.org
Date:  12/2/2003 1:34:00 AM
Subject:  <<Silkscreen writing of STA"M>>
Message:  Dear friends,
I just came home from Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, who is staying in Brooklyn on Avenue N. I brought him copies of a letter that was distributed with his own signature on it, saying that the silk screen process for writing Sifrei Torah is absolutely Assur, and any Sefer written with it should be put in Genizah (buried), and that whoever can stop those people from making these Seforim is required to stop them. Yitz Adler and I showed it to him and confronted him. We said this can't be the Rav's signature, because the Rav told people many times that it is 100% Kosher. He got all flustered, and asked for his grandson to join, who seems like a sincere fellow. His name is Sheeya. We spoke all together, the four of us for about a half an hour, and we showed them all the hate mail distributed by Mishmeret STAM, through Rabbis Teitlebaum, Greenfield, and Vosner.   They were horrified. I showed them a Vosner statement in one of his letters that my father is worse than Yaravaam Ben Nevat, who was the most famous "Choteh UMachtie Et Harabim." ("Sinner, and one that causes the multitudes to sin," a title saved for the worst violators in Jewish History, like Yeravaam Ben Nevat, who practically forced all the ten tribes to worship idols).
They both said clearly that they never saw this letter before and Rabbi Scheinberg never signed it. Then eventually the son, Rabbi Simcha Scheinberg who is Sheeya's uncle, came over. He got all uptight and said "we follow Rabbi Elyashiv, whatever he says. My father will not come out against Rabbi Elyashiv." I showed him the letters and he was flabbergasted. He said that he never saw them before, he asked for copies, and he will be calling Rabbi Teitlebaum to find out how he got this or where he got it. He then said to me, "Listen, there is nothing you can do. This is war, this is politics! There isn't a halachic issue here." I responded to him and said, "If this is war & politics as it seems, then be careful to be on the right side of the war. If you remember by Korach (Bamidbar #16:26), Moshe told the other Jews to move away from these sinners, ....or else you might be included with them."   He said he will look into it.

These Mishmeret STAM people may have fooled some Rabbis to further their monopolization of the Safrut industry, but those that realize the truth and see the tactics and letters from these people are certainly required and responsible to publicly denounce any association, and even to publicly denounce such treatment of a Talmid Chacham. Any who do not do this, will be held responsible.
(Meiri Avodah Zarah 17 or 18)
During the entire conversation, both the son and the grandson admitted that the Rav said it was good, but he will not come out against what Rav Elyashiv says.
That's the latest update.

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