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Author:  Shimon
E-mail:  e@shimon.me
Date:  5/1/2011 5:26:00 AM
Subject:  Kiddush on bread
Message:  What is Rabbi Abadi's opinion on making kiddush on bread. Is it permissible when you can get wine? I learned R' Moshe did not permit it in America because wine was cheap and commonly available.

While I can get kosher wine in China sent to me it is an absolute pain to carry a few bottles around with me. I constantly move from hotel to hotel and I am on a tight budget. Thank God, I can always find a good hotel for $10-30/night.

The beverages of the medina contain snake, scorpion, and/or heavy metals. Maybe I could make tea if that is permissible?
Reply:  1. Kiddush should be made on Wine. If one can't handle wine for any reason, then grape juice should be used. If neither can be handled, then someone else should drink from the wine/grape juice, and the one making kiddush should take a sip. In a rare situation and one is alone then he can use Challa.
2. You cannot make Kiddush on tea.

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