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Author:  chan
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Date:  4/17/2011 3:25:00 PM
Subject:  coffee maker on chagim
Message:  Is it permissible for me to set up my coffee maker each morning on the chag and have my maid (non jew) push the button to have it brew?
1) what if she will absolutely NOT have any? (ie: she can't drink coffee so she has no personal benefit from the action).
2) can i explain this to her now before pesach so she knows what to do every morning?
3) if its ok, does this hold true for having the machine "grind" the beans as well or is it only ok with already ground coffee?
thank you.
Reply:  1) She can do it even if she is not drinking. (on Chag only)
2) You can tell her on Pesach
3) Also ok

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