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Author:  Sam
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Date:  11/27/2003 7:47:00 AM
Subject:  Mi-Shebeirakh
Message:  1. What's wrog with the average shul's mi-shebeirakh?

2. If one rabbi says that another rabbi's hekhsher is bad, can this rabbi take the first rabbi to a Beit Din for libel?
Reply:  1) In the average Shul, most people are talking between the Aliyot about the stock market, politics, or just plain talk. This is not permitted. At the same time, they're saying the Mi Shebeirach (a prayer) for the sick people. It certainly doesn't look good from a bird's-eye view.
2) He can take him to U.S. court if he is saying the truth. I don't know what Din Torah (Jewish Court)can do here? He can possibly take him to Din Torah to have them ask him to stop.

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