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Author:  Sam
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Date:  11/26/2003 8:04:00 AM
Subject:  Listerine packets
Message:  Do you need to say a berakhah on the Listerine strip?
It is an item which goes into the mouth and does not come out, and for no medical reason that I can think of. It is taken purely for the taste and/or to make one's mouth taste/smell/feel better. How is that different than an candy mint? Or better, a sugarless candy mint (which has no nutritional value).
Most of us use toothpaste and mouthwash without a hechsher and without a bracha, but the intention is to spit it all out. It's a practical impossiblity to really spit all 100% of it back out, but at least that's
the intention. With the pocketpak strips, the intention is for the whole thing to dissolve in the mouth and stay there.

What do you think?

Reply:  no berachah (blessing). It's like mouthwash.

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