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Author:  sara
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Date:  11/25/2003 2:08:00 PM
Subject:  Tehillim
Message:  I was asked twice this year to participate in a group who splits the perakim in tehillim for 40 days straight. They must be said before sunset and if someone forgets the whole group has to start all over. Is there any source for the 40 days? Most participants really want to help but have hectic schedules and end up mumbling the words. Any suggestions for something that would really be a zechus for the sick person?
Reply:  The Tehillim thing often ends up being more of a sin than a Mitzvah.
The Vilna Gaon says that the Yetzer Harah likes to talk you into doing a Mitzvah and then he wraps it with sins. (Megilat Rut; when Rut insisted on staying with Naomi)
The Tehillim cannot be said for sick people. It's a Gemara & in Shulchan Aruch.
Many women say Tehillim, but don't Daven (pray). How absurd?!
The social aspect of Tehillim parties often causes people to get insulted because they were not invited.
Blabbering words without any meaning, is not very helpful. Say just a few Pesukim, and translate them to yourself.
"Hands across America" was not from the Torah. This new concept of multiple Tehillim, learning, Siyumim, and the like, just commercializes the religion. It does not often enhance it. It turns it into a game. Everyone across the globe are all going to be listening to this speech at the same time.... Come on! That's not the solution.
If you want to help people who are sick, pray for them during your regular daily prayers. Don't mumbo jumbo your prayers & then add Tehillim to mumbo jumbo through, again. Why can't we think about what we do? Why is it just some sort of robotic existence?
So, in response to your question; Start to Pray just the Amida/Shemonah Esrey three times a day, and drop the Tehillim until you have that on a solid routine.

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