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Author:  Mirasha Moore
E-mail:  mirasha23@hotmail.com
Date:  4/3/2011 8:06:00 AM
Subject:  gelatin
Message:  How can gelatin from a pig be okay to eat?
the animal isnt kosher, is not shecthed, and when they do take it off the bone the fat still get taken with it. also while i was searching other websites and sources I came across exactly the opposite.
"The Sages, however, forbade any bones, horns or hoofs which contain moisture. According to this, food made from unkosher bones is forbidden, unless the bones were completely dry."
and also
"Reb Moshe Feinstein Zt"l and Rav Aharon Kotler Zt"l, say that gelatin is "taam kalush" (a weak flavor), and is not fleishig, due to the major change it has undergone. However, it must be derived from kosher sources. If the gelatin was derived from a non-kosher source, such as pig or non-kosher slaughtered hides, although they have been chemically altered, since they originated from a non-kosher source, there is no way to ever render them permissible."

Is it different maybe in israel and the US eating non- kosher gelatin?

"It is well known that a few generations ago the Poskim discussed whether gelatin made from animal bones is kosher, and the general consensus in the United States was that it is not kosher"

Reply:  Please do a search for 'gelatin' on the site. You will find some explanations.

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