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Author:  Cynthia
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/29/2011 5:43:00 PM
Subject:  yogurt
Message:  I was wondering about yogurt. I saw some on your list, but locally we have other brands that aren't listed. Could you please tell me whether they are fine to eat on pesach.

1) Ingredients: cultured pasteurized nonfat milk, evaporated cane juice, apricots, tapioca starch, mangos, natural flavor, pectin, turmeric(color), Contains live active cultures - S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, Lacidophilus and Bifidus.

2) Ingredients: lowfat milk, sugar, cornstarch, inulin, gum acacia, vanilla, and other natural flavors, agar, pectin, citric acid and live active cultures. A gluten free product.

3) Ingredients: cultured pasteurized organic reduced fat milk, naturally milled organic sugar, organic tapioca starch ,organic strawberry juice from concentrate, organic carob bean gum, natural flavor, pectin carrageenan, organic natural vanilla flavor, organic beet juice concentrate (for color), vitamin D3. Contains six live active cultures including l.acidophilus, bifidus, l. casei, and l. rhamnosus.

Thank you again!
Reply:  It is ok

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