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Author:  Clint & Christy Lannom
E-mail:  torah-study@isaiah56.org
Date:  3/25/2011 10:46:00 AM
Subject:  Kosher meat question
Message:  We have a man in the area who raises cattle, sheep and goats above the organic standards. He has the beef slaughtered and then sells in the West Texas area. I asked him how the animals were slaughtered and here is his response:

"In order to get USDA inspection (so the meats can be retailed), the animal must be "brain-dead" before any evisceration or cutting takes place so that no pain is felt by the animal. Therefore, USDA requires a bolt through the skull and into the brain. The animal is then quickly hoisted and its throat is slit to bleed it while the heart is still pumping. So as for Kosher, it's close, but the animal is incapacitated before the throat is slit, but USDA requires that. Personally, I'd prefer the quick slit to the throat only, but we have to use their procedures."

Would this be considered a kosher slaughtering process or do the animals need to be slaughtered by someone certified in kosher slaughter?

Thank you for looking into this for us.


Clint & Christy Lannom
Midland, TX
Reply:  A brain-dead animal is too late to be slaughtered with proper Shechita. AA

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