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Author:  Sam
E-mail:  samm@younevercall.com
Date:  11/12/2003 8:03:00 AM
Subject:  Going up to Har Habayit
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

There is a movement by religious Jews to renew the minhag of many Rishonim and Achronim to visit Har Habayit in order to show honor and respect to the place (and daven there) and as a way of hastening the building of the Bet Hamikdash. Over 1,000 religious Jews have been to Har Habayit in the past 6 weeks. Those who ascend are careful to go to mikva, refrain from wearing leather shoes and follow the laws relating to which parts of the mountain are permitted and which forbidden to a tamei met.

How does your father feel about Jews going up to Har Habayit when they have prepared themselves according to Halacha and are conducting themselves appropriately?

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