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Author:  Sebastian
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Date:  11/11/2003 11:45:00 AM
Subject:  Pronunciation
Message:  What do you think about the way that some ashkenazis pronounce the words in their tephila such as "booreech attoo addeenoy"s and other changes of the traditional pronunciation including swallowing half the words. If I pray at a minyan where they do this am I fulfilling my obligation to pray with a minyan? Are all my Amens in vain? I don't mean to disparage our brothers but it is becoming increasingly difficult to countenance this type of tephila.
Reply:  Don't say Amen to such a blessing, but I'm sure that the majority don't do that. If you only have ten people including this guy, you got a problem.
Some people can shake back & forth for fifty years, yet never make a real blessing or prayer in their life, because of this.

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