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Author:  SA
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Date:  11/11/2003 9:46:00 AM
Subject:  MINYAN
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

If I (as a sephardi) attend an askenaz or hassidic minyan, where they pronounce (or mispronounce) words -- in such distorted ways, do I fulfill my obligation of praying with a minyan?

Are my "amen"s in vain?

They seem to swallow every single word, and the words they sa aloud are completely mispronounced -- like booreech attoo addeenoy, boorchee ess addeenoy hamevoyyroch, to cite a couple.

I remember a siman in shulchan aruch that discusses the particulars of pronouncing the letter ayyin properly etc. but the mishna berurah seems to suggest that we are not so makpid today.

In short, though the shaliach tzibbur misprounces almost every single word, 1) is it OK to pray with them?; 2) is my obligation to pray with a minyan fulfilled?; 3) are my "amen"s in vain?

Let me clarufy that I have nothing against askenazim or hassidim per se; i am simply asking how their distorted way of pronouncing the words in the tefilla affects my obligations of praying with a minyan.

Thank you for your insight and for all your dedicated service to the Jewish people.
Reply:  That is part of our Galut (exile).
It is certainly better to find a Minyan that pronounces the words correctly.

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