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Author:  George
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/9/2003 12:23:00 AM
Subject:  kashrut organizations / authorship clarification
Message:  I understand (and aggree with) your opinion that kashrut orginizations have become too buisness-minded. A couple of questions:

1)Do you agree that in principle they were a good idea for the sake convenience (they do the research for you), but they have been corrupted by absolute power?

2)It's clear from this site that you feel Kashrut organizations have a decidedly negative effect on Jewish life. Why don't any other contemporary poskim speak out against them?

3) unrelated: Where can I get Rav Abadi's Sefer?

4) also unrelated: It says in your "about us" section that Rav Abadi supervises this site. I was hoping you could tell us avid readers what that means. Does he write some of the responses himself, or does he read them over, or what? When I quote this site to my friends, who am I actually quoting? (no disrespect intended)

Reply:  1) They should teach the people to do the research themselves, as we try to do.
2) Many do, but you need to ask them.
3) click on the top right of your screen.
4) I (Aaron Abadi) answer every question myself, with the periodic help of my brother Yehuda. The questions that I know my father's opinion on, I post immediately. All other questions are faxed to my father, and he faxes them back with his response, which I then post here. There are currently over 100 backlogged questions, waiting to be answered by my father. I'm lucky enough to have many relatives, friends, and other students of my father ready to pounce on me if I say something wrong. So far I've done OK. If I am corrected, I welcome the input. The last thing that I want is to mislead anyone.
Your question was very respectful, and if you didn't ask, you might never have gotten the explanation.

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