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Author:  AR
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Date:  11/7/2003 12:40:00 PM
Subject:  tzedaka
Message:  I have been working now for about two years and awhile ago i started giving 20% of my paycheck to tzedaka. I understand that this is more than maaser but being that I was single and had a lot of extra money I thought it was a nice thing to do. I never actually made a kabala or anything i just tried to do it when possible. Now I am getting married and i am wondering what your advice would be in regards to this- should i keep trying to give 20% if i have extra money? or should i just forget about it totally since it is not required? is there anything wrong with doing it? im not trying to put any more commandments on myself, trust me, im not like that. just something i like doing and i know its totally unnecessary. I was just wondering what the rav's opinion is. Thanks!
Reply:  The (ideal) Mitzvah Min Hamuvchar is to give 20%. If your income is more than sufficient, you should continue as long as you can. If your living expenses are tight, as 95% of our society, don't give more than you have to. If it is really tight, you don't even need to give the 10%.
Mazal Tov on your upcoming wedding!

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