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Author:  jay
E-mail:  jhirsch431@mailstation.com
Date:  11/7/2003 10:03:00 AM
Subject:  travel rules
Message:  in the nonsensical world of frumme asking around as they say for the right halakhah
for ashkenazim and sephardim
1. when do we say tefillas haderech, with wor witout a brocheh
2 ditto for birkas gomel,( some say not over water, some say a plane is so much safer than a car etc etc) the some is gossip
please rav you are so good at just station the halachah
give me a halachah to live by in these areas

by the way i read this faithfully, yoiu didi write that it just requires 10 men anywhere to say gomel not necessarily shul.

Reply:  Teffilas Haderech is said always with a Beracha. It is said whether you go in a plane, car or a ship. A trip that is going to be at least one hour and a fifth, iyou must say Teffilas Haderech.
Birchas Hagomel is said if you traveled by on a ship or a plane. On land you would only say it if you were in the desert.
Yes, 10 men anywhere.

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