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Author:  daniel
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Date:  7/24/2009 11:03:00 AM
Subject:  Cafe Viva
Message:  I noticed that this question was brought up a few years ago but there was no psak given whether one may eat there or not. Cafe Viva is still opened on shabbat and the hasgacha is given by Rabbi Yaakov D. Spivak of United Kosher Supervision (UKS). Who has his smeicha from Ner Yisrael.

There is another place called the Great American health bar which is also opened on shabbat with a hasgacha given by Rabbi Safra.

There are many orthodox people who eat in both these places and I can't understand how these places can have a hasgacha if opened on shabbat. I always understood that if a non jew or a non shomer shabbat jew owns a restaurant the hasgacha takes the keys away so they can't bring anything in.

So bottom line can people eat here or not.

Reply:  If the Hashgacha is a reliable one, it is fine. There are many places with certification that are open on Shabbat. A reliable Rabbi will arrange for the proper setup to be sure it is Kosher.

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