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Author:  Shimon
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Date:  7/22/2009 8:58:00 AM
Subject:  Dishwasher on Shabbat
Message:  Thanks for the reply.

The machine does not start until later, if the door is closed. Therefore it would be Grama.

My understanding was that Grama is not permitted, but I am not well versed in this matter. It seems to me that this is similar to me switching the wall switch on or off for the lights, when a shabbat clock at the circuit panel has shut the circuit. The light will go on (or not) later when the shabbat clock turns on - Grama.

How is Grama handled?
Reply:  We use Grama every time we open our Refrigerator door, since we cause the compressor to go on earlier.

Same is when we open the outside door to our homes, we either turn on the A/C earlier or the heat, depending on if winter or summer.

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