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Author:  Avi
E-mail:  avilange@telkomsa.net
Date:  7/20/2009 5:35:00 PM
Subject:  Kosher or not?
Message:  Hey there!
i live in south africa and recently a product was introduced in the supermarkets. this product is the nescafe instant cappuchino sweetend. the product was released with the local beth dins logo yet a week or two later the beth din sent out an email saying that the product is not kosher. i phoned the beth din too enquire about this and was told that nestle the holding company for nescafe in south africa was not forthcoming with the ingredients list and therefore they could not give it the kosher logo. the rabbi also mentioned to me that the product was imported. after alot of research i found that the KLBD (the london beth din) have said the product is kosher as i found out by putting nescafe in the product search page at www.theus.org.za. the product then appears in the list 3rd from the top.

basically my question is as follows, if the london beth din have given it a hechshar is it kosher for me too drink in south africa?
Reply:  You can drink it.

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