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Author:  gabe
E-mail:  gabez@vintagedenimnyc.com
Date:  7/20/2009 9:08:00 AM
Subject:  Hebrew National
Message:  in a recent article you mentioned that "glatt" is possibly a Chumra and not basic Halacha.
In regard to Sephardim can you please elaborate
Reply:  From the Halachic standpoint, once the meat is on the shelf, you can buy it. We are not afraid of it beind a Treifa, since a majority of animals are not. We accept on ourselves an extra strictness of Glatt to properly check the animal in advance to be sure. The Halacha does bring down this concept. It is more than just a Chumra. It is a highly recommended extra carefullness.

Problem is....
People who are still struggling with the basic laws, don't necessarily need to worry about this.


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