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Author:  David
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Date:  7/14/2009 3:10:00 PM
Subject:  Linen Tallet Katan
Message:  Dear Rav Abadi,

I read that, for Sephardim, in order to fulfill the mizva Middeoraita, it is required to wear a tallet katan in wool or linen. However, I read in an excerpt from the book "Tzel heharim" by Hertzel Hillel Yitzhak that some authorities claims (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Haiym 9:6, Kaf HaHaiym 9:16, Yalkut Yossef, Sheerit Yossef Vol I, 9-10:2, Halacha Berura Vol I, 9:18) that we should not wear a linen tallit katan in order to avoid the risk that a person would attach a woolen thread of blue (techelet), and so will trangress the shatnez prohibition.

I do not wear any techeles on my zizit, and the only reason why I was wandering about linen tallet katan is because I would like to do the mizva properly but I have difficulties in wearing a wool zizit, especially in the summer.

Thanks for your help.


Reply:  You can use cotton on your TAlit Katan, and wool on the regular Talit.

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