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Author:  Adele
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Date:  7/7/2009 1:29:00 AM
Subject:  mikveh
Message:  I will be on a cruise when I will need a mikveh.We will be in the North pole and I wont be able to go in the ocean.I will be in Oslo on the morning of my 7th clean day but will be getting on a plane very early that morning.Oslo has a mikveh .I will be sleeping in Oslo the night before my 7th clean day.Is it o.k to go to the mikveh one night earlier if I sleep with my daughter?Or should I try to find out how they fill the pool on the boat?Or wait 10 days till I get home to go? I hope i didnt confuse you.Tks for your help!
Reply:  You can go the night before and be Yotzeh the De'Oraita. Then go in the pool (with your bathing suit, please) the next night and you'll then be Yotzeh the De'Rabanan.

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