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Author:  hayley
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Date:  6/14/2009 7:17:00 AM
Subject:  pru revu
Message:  why is it a mitzvah to have a boy and a girl if it is not in your control ... why is it not just a bracha that we are given children. we have only girls
Reply:  There is a Mitzvah to bring a Korban (Animal Sacrifice). Today, this is not in our control. God makes life simple for us. He gives us a book of Rules. and go do the best you can. That is all you're responsible for. About 80% of the Torah is not applicable to us. Don't worry about that. The only one that this would apply to is someone young enough and capable of having children, who decides to shut down for business before having a boy & a girl. I'm sure that is not the case here. You are only responsible for what is in your control.

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