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Author:  Kuppel Lindow
E-mail:  rabbilindow@midwesttorah.org
Date:  6/4/2009 3:15:00 PM
Subject:  dishwashers
Message:  After perusing your teshuvot regarding domestic dishwashers I have a few questions. Do you consider a dishwasher a kli sheni only? What about a power boost that heats the water in the dishwasher - Does that make the diswasher a kli rishon? If so, what about mamashot from the dishes? If it is a kli sheni only, do you hold like those opinions that say a kli sheni is not mavlia or maflit?
Thank you
Reply:  Correct. Keli Sheni is not a problem.
If a power boost is hot enough, then it would be a good Hagalah.

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