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Author:  issac
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Date:  5/26/2009 10:21:00 PM
Subject:  moshiach/lubavitcher rebbe
Message:  Shavua tov Rabbi Abbadi, ...Unfortunately their has been much controversy regarding the lubavitcher rebbe as mashiach and in my opinion the best thing to do is have emuna peshuta in Hashem regarding these matters and not think about whose mashiach and who isnt. However please correct me if im wrong but i know the abarbanel on masechet sanhedrin 98b, i believe where it states Mashiach can come from the dead or living, he states that mashiach CAN BE RESSURECTED.... thats just a question i have... is that to be understood literally that thats a possibility? or am I taking out of context what the abarbanel said? and please rebbe dont misunderstand me... it doesnt matter to me who is mashiach... Hashem knows and i believe thats all their is to it, and we must do our part in having faith that mashicah can be anyone that Hash-m wants (from yehuda ofcourse) so thats my first question. secondly Rabbi Yehuda Abbadi said this regarding the lubavitcher rebbe as Mashiach......"It is a terrible shame for K'lal Yisroel, that some of the Gedolim (possibly totally unaware) are protected by "well meaning people" who are driven by their own agendas. This was the complaint against the Lubavitcher Rebbe "How could he allow people to say he was Moshiach". Who said he knew? Maybe he was on such a high level that he had no idea what was going on here. They say about the Chofetz Chaim that he never was able to hear Loshon Horah. It didn't reach his ears. Maybe our Gedolim are not aware of what is being done for their protection.
I guess the old saying "never judge the Jewish religion by the Jews" is what keeps us strong. Just follow your Rov and you have a clear conscience.
CYA... now my question on this is as follows.... my step or half brother told me that his grandfather was very close to the lubavitcher rebbe and once they were sitting side by side at one of the rebbes farbregens or tishes ... and as everyone was chanting " long live the rebbe mashicach" or something like that... the lubavitcher rebbe turned to him and said "i am not the mashiach". so its a pretty heavy statement to say that my brothers grandfather would lie to him and my brother to me... i dont wanna assume this is a lie... so didnt the lubavitcher rebbe recognize clearly without a doubt how dangerous this conntroversy could be???? shavua tov vechag kasher vesamaych~

Reply:  Choosing Moshiach is not a Democratic process. The Rambam says that Rabbi Akiva finally realized that Bar Kochba was NOT Moshiach, when he died.
Let's not worry about Moshiach.

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