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Author:  issac
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Date:  5/26/2009 12:34:00 AM
Subject:  endangering ones life???
Message:  Shavua Tov Rabbi Abbadi, i know this may sound like a very strange and "easy to answer" type of question but bear with me. i have a couple of very close friends who unfortunately dont drive safely... what i mean when i say that is that they can drive 75 mph on a 50 mph speed limit or cut other drivers when they feel that its in a time of need and make sharp turns... that can technically can cause a major accident ....( they dont ALWAYS drive like this but many times they do) now... would it be a halachic problem if i need them to drive me somewhere or if i want to go with them someplace(... and it wont help me telling them to drive safely because they dont see the real dangers involved)... now... i can say that i mabey have ONE or two friends who dont drive this way... my point is clear... i honeslty dont feel normal asking this question because i think its strange in a way... i just want to make sure that this is not the type of situation that is "sakant nefashot"
Reply:  Keep away from their car.

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