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Author:  Yisroel
E-mail:  friedmanle@gmail.com
Date:  5/24/2009 12:23:00 PM
Subject:  Tying Tzitsis
Message:  In the middle of my tying the Shames was becoming too short possibly because I chose the wrong string to be a shames so I took another longer string and made that the shames. Is it still kosher?

Also, the halacha is that the length of the knots and windings should be equal. So, since the number of winding are not equal you have to space the the lesser number (7 and 8) further apart and the longer ones (11 and 13) closer together. Now it quite come out that way. Is it me'akev? I looked it up and it seems that be'de'eved it is good, but I want to make sure.
Reply:  Yes. It's fine.

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