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Author:  Artie
E-mail:  bassarooz@aol.com
Date:  11/2/2003 12:25:00 PM
Subject:  Shelo Asani Isha II
Message:  Rabbi,

I agree. Two questions:

1. Can a congregational rabbi change the davening? He argued that the 3 brachot, shelo asani aved, goy and isha were not part of the original birchot hashachar. He also argued that there were cases in the Mishna and Gemmara that allowed for minhagim to be changed when it was realized that many people would not participate in mitzvot because they were either very poor or illiterate and would be publicly embarassed.

2. These brachot were written by men, not from the torah. Does the torah suggest anywhere that men should be publicly thankful that they weren't made a woman, or just realize it's benefit quietly?
Reply:  1) Any Talmid Chacham who does not resemble an angel of God, you should not learn from them (Ramba"m Talmud Torah 4:1 from Moed Katan 16b)
2) They weren't men. They were bigger than angels. They had Nevuah (prophecy), and they were capable of bringing dead people back to life. If they say to do something, you do it. No ifs and or buts!

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